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The question of the financing of investments, but also of the operating cycle, is essential to sustainably integrate these initiatives into the French economic landscape: the challenge is to promote the sustainability of these young structures which have an important role to play in the job. fytorio facilitates your access to public aid programs and supports project leaders, from the first search for financing to fundraising, all sectors of activity combined.

At fytorio we know that it is difficult to find an exhaustive and simplified view of existing institutional arrangements. It is still difficult to carry out research and development of one's own company at the same time: collecting information, appropriating the systems, estimating the difficulties or the delays in obtaining, are obstacles to the use of subsidies such as leverage for business development.

With fytorio, public aid is made available to all structures through a method that centralizes more than 2,000 funding mechanisms spread over 500 funding organizations. We use specific search engines to qualify the existing systems with regard to your project. We offer two support proposals to help project leaders build and consolidate their subsidy strategy:

Since 2014, fytorio has been supporting companies and impacting their development.

Identify | Elaborate | Step in

Advise for the best defense of your interests

Identify decision makers and influencers

Develop arguments and communication tools adapted to the context

Intervene in decision-making processes and follow-up of procedures